msmelodyLocated in Nagoya’s otaku district, Oosu, M’s Melody is a wonderful maid cafe with a very formal and sober setting, which has become the best maid cafe I’ve been to so far.

I had went to Osaka for a few days, so I decided to stop by Nagoya on my way back. Since I hadn’t originally planned for this stopover, I had no idea where to go on a single day in Nagoya. Not willing to go back home after only going to Nagoya castle, I decided to search online for some information on my cell phone. I quickly found this amazing guide, which I strongly recommend if you happen to find yourself in Nagoya.

Oosu is a really nice district, even though it’s not as full of otaku stores as Akihabara or Nipponbashi, I liked it very much. Also, the large amount of high quality game centers is a huge plus for Oosu.

Now, the guide I used briefly mentions the existence of a maid cafe, and the author only mentions that it is nearby the Mandarake shop. However, after looking online some more, I eventually found M’s Melody.

Oosu is quite tricky, and all streets look the same, so it is very easy to get lost in there. Also, as M’s Melody is not very widely advertised, it may be a little difficult to find.

Starting at Oosu Kannon station, go through the temple and enter the covered streets of Oosu (either one of the two entrances are okay). Walk straight through the covered street, and cross the first non-covered street and keep walking straight. At the second non-covered street that you find, turn left and walk some three to four blocks. Keep a look to your right for the Good Will store (it is quite large). At the actual Good Will store building, M’s Melody is located on the basement 1 floor. There is also another maid cafe in there called Comok.

As soon as you reach the entrance, you are requested to stay there and chime a bell so one of the maids comes, welcomes you and shows you to your table.

The first thing you will notice about this cafe is the copious amount of formalities involved everywhere. By formal and sober I don’t mean that you have to wear a suit and tie to go in ^^. However, I do believe that the training these girls have is much more extense than those at other cafes. Unlike other places, in M’s Melody everything seems to be coreographed, from the lines they say, to the way they move, to some events that happen during the day as I’ll mention a little later. Of course, the uniforms are exactly the same for all the girls, which are very neat with exquisite long skirts and adorned with delicately plane aprons.

To illustrate my point regarding the formalities, for instance, as for the way they move, each time a maid approaches or leaves you, they do it in exactly the same way with some very slow moves and deep bows. I haven’t seen this in any other cafe, and the idea that this is not simply a cafe with pretty girls in maid-looking costumes, but a place with elaborate settings and excessive attention to the details, in order to ensure that you are most comfortable for the entire time of your visit is probably what I liked the best about this place.

Each spotless table has a small decorated bell you can use to call the attention of the maids when you’re ready to make your order.

I happened to go during the late afternoon, and precisely at 6, a beautiful clock they have sounds its bells. The entire event is very precisely cued by the staff so everybody takes notice of what is going on, and is quite pleasant to experience. According to the site, this also happens when the store opens, at 3 PM and when the store closes.

The cafe itself is a single large square room with some 16 tables, with lots of space so you won’t feel bunched up. They have a very soothing ambient, which makes you feel really comfortable. I even saw some clients sleeping in their tables very comfortably. You can see that most decorations go in the greens, whites and wood browns, which is very common in maid cafes.

The menu is quite varied and very reasonably priced. Drinks go for 400 yen and desserts start at 400 yen as well. The absence of a table charge makes M’s Melody the most inexpensive maid cafe I’ve been to. Everything adds to the awesomeness of this place.

As for the girls, they are very pretty, act very cutely yet formally and have the most beautiful spotless uniforms. They are very kind and will subtly approach you to start a small conversation.

It seems like they have a rather limited amount of events and goods for sale. They do however, have a point card system with one point for each 500 yen in purchases. You can use these points to get photos with the maids, which is usually forbidden.

For the first time in a maid cafe, I saw a sign on each table notifying customers about the special nature of the cafe, with requests to understand things that may be a little uncommon. This is a recommendation I would also like to extend to everybody who wishes to experience maid cafes.

Attendance is allowed for up to 90 minutes per visit, and the entire cafe is non-smoking. One thing to remember is that the cafe is only open from Friday to Monday over the weekend, and on Holidays.

Overall, I liked this cafe very much. The service has been the best I’ve experienced, and is really well priced. I strongly recommend it if you’re interested in the maid service experience. However, if you’re looking for sexy maids with miniskirts, then this is probably not the place for you. If I go back to Nagoya, I will doubtlessly go back to M’s Melody.

Some basic information:

  • Name: M’s Melody
  • Location: Oosu, Nagoya
  • Homepage:
  • Address: 3-12-35 Oosu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, Good Will Entertainment Digital Mall, Basement 1 Floor.
  • Opening Hours: 11:00 to 19:30.  Last order at 19:00. Only open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Holidays.
  • Rules: No table charge. A maximum time of 90 minutes is enforced.

Note: Sorry about the very bad quality of the logo. It’s the best I could retouch from a picture I took outside of the cafe.