Maid Station Cafe was the first maid cafe I ever went to, when I first came to Japan in 2007. It was a short visit, so I could only go to Akiba once, and after gathering all my courage, and also messing around with some friends, we decided to go to a maid cafe.

It was our first time in Akiba, so we had no idea how to look for maid cafes, much less what to expect. Was it going to be too ecchi for what we could handle? (Unlikely ^^) What we were sure is that it was going to be a new experience.

After the sun set, we started moving to the secondary streets and alleys in Akiba, if maid cafes actually existed, they would most likely not be right by the huge stores in Chuo street. However, after looking for a while, nothing seemed like it would be what we were looking for. It was getting a little late, so some talks about going back started to emerge.

Finally, we found a standing banner with maid drawings on some alley, it had some kind of menu, so that was very likely what we were looking for. The prices startled some of us, because paying 500 yen for a drink was a little bit excessive, but after discussing it for a short while, we decided to go into the shop and see it with our own eyes.

There were four of us, two boys and two girls. I don’t remember who entered first, but I do remember that we were not welcomed with the usual “Okaerinasaimase, goshujin-sama!”. This is a little bit of a problem when you go as a foreigner, since they don’t know what to speak in, and japanese are usually very shy when speaking English.

As we were shown to our table, I noticed that there were some three or four girls waiting on the tables, all of them with the same cute black uniforms. The place itself was quite ample, and unusually white. There were manga books you could freely get to read, and there was a small sofa where you could play famicon with the images projected onto the wall. This was separately charged, though.

After our drinks were served, and we kept on talking, I saw one of the maids serving something that seemed like popcorn to another client, in a huge bottle/container. Kinda like this:

Crude drawing aside, very moe indeed.

Some of the girls came to our table and chatted us up, and we left shortly after. I don’t remember many other details about this place, but I do remember that I went back to our hotel with a nosebleed >_< (true story).

I went back sometime in late 2008, but for some reason, the feeling was a little bit off. This time it felt more like just a regular cafe with maid uniforms. It must have been because it was a weekday or something like that.

This cafe, however, closed sometime around April, 2009. I even found a farewell party video on youtube.